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Tea Associations & Organizations

Compiled By The Tea Coach

Tea associations are organizations that represent the interests of tea producers, retailers, consumers, and enthusiasts. They often work to promote tea consumption, support research, ensure quality standards, and sometimes also represent the industry in legislative matters.

Because links change often when websites are changed or updated, we have given the specific and proper names you can easily locate if desired.


International and Regional Tea Associations
International Tea Committee (ITC)
World Tea Trade Association
European Tea Society (ETS)
Specialty Tea Institute (STI)
Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)


National Tea Associations


China National Tea Industry Association (CNTIA)
India Tea Association (ITA)
Tea Board of India
Japan Tea Association
Sri Lanka Tea Board
Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association
Indonesian Tea Association
Vietnam Tea Association (VITAS)


East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA)
Tea Association of Malawi
Kenya Tea Growers Association
Tea Board of Tanzania


North America
Tea Association of the USA, Inc.
Tea & Herbal Association of Canada
Mexican Tea Association


South America
Argentine Tea Association
Brazilian Tea Association


UK Tea & Infusions Association
German Tea Association
Tea Association of Russia
French Tea Association


Tea Association of Australia
New Zealand Tea Association


Specialty and Niche Tea Associations
The American Herbal Products Association

(AHPA) - Tea Committee

The Camellia Sinensis Tea House
The American Specialty Tea Alliance
The Tea Guild of Canada
Australian Tea Masters Association
The British Tea Society

Research and Development Associations
Tea Research Association (TRA) - India
Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka
China Tea Science Society

Tea Education and Cultural Associations
The U.K. Tea Academy
The Tea Association of the U.S.A. Specialty Tea Institute
International Tea Education Institute (ITEI)


Consumer and Enthusiast Groups
The Tea Enthusiasts' Alliance
The North American Tea Championship

The Global Tea Championship


Remember that the scope and activities of each association may vary, ranging from advocacy, research, and education, to the promotion of tea culture. While some are more focused on the industry side of things, others might be geared towards consumer education and cultural aspects of tea drinking.


Many of these associations also organize tea-related events, such as conventions, fairs, and competitions to promote tea culture and education. If you are looking to get involved or learn more, many of these associations have websites and social media presence where you can find additional resources and information.

The Tea Coach

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