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Welcome To The Tea Coach

Sorting, grading, blending, brewing, selling, distribution and more.

How much tea, does it take to make how much tea and how do you make it?

The Tea Coach


Introducing The Tea Coach, a proven expert that can help you into the fascinating world of tea! Whether you're a tea enthusiast looking to deepen your knowledge or a beginner just starting your tea journey, The Tea Coach is here to help.


This comprehensive resource covers everything from the basics of tea varieties and brewing techniques to exploring the rich health benefits associated with this beloved beverage.


With expert tips, detailed guides, and engaging content, The Tea Coach makes learning about tea both educational and enjoyable.


Tea-related resources and links. Tea tools and more.


Join us as we delve into the aromatic world of tea, discovering new flavors, traditions, and the art of tea appreciation along the way. Welcome to your tea-learning adventure!

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Your tea challenge can be solved during our tea time together.

I can teach you what you want to know about tea.


I am not a consultant who investigates and reports, I am the tea coach who shares. 


Robbin G. McCool Since 1983 in Tea now 2024 and looking beyond . . .


  • Basic & Advanced Botanical Blending

  • Advanced Botanical Techniques

  • Infusion & Extraction Techniques

  • All Natural Processing Specialist

Sourcing the best that really is different than the rest.


I can help you with:

  • Tea Bulk Packaged

  • Tea Bags Packaged

  • Tea Mixes Bulk & Packaged

  • Teas Ready To Drink   All Types & Processes & Packages

  • Teas Concentrated   1-1 Through 100-1
    Sourcing support is available for Tea and other ingredients for all of the above.

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The Tea Coach
Near Jakarta Indonesia 2008

A Top Quality Tea Estate

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It was an amazing day with wonderful teas

and incredibly dedicated tea people.

In the quiet of the dawn, dew-kissed leaves await,
steeped in silence, the kettle hums, a prelude to my plate. Sun peeks o’er the horizon, the world softly stirs, a cup cradles warmth, tea's aroma gently purrs.


Whispers of steam rise, a dance of delicate grace,
the day begins tenderly in this tranquil place. 
Green, black, or with herbs finely strewn, each sip a verse in time, a soothing, liquid tune.


The teapot sings a story, an infusion of repose,
in the cup, a blend of peace, as the gentle river flows. 
A moment's pause, a quiet sip, the world feels right, and free,

In the simple act of sipping, a humble cup of tea.

Best Brews


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About The Tea Coach

I have so enjoyed just over 80,000 working hours (1983 Through Today) focused on teas of all types, from all regions, and in all types of packaging. I continually find that tea is a bridge between all people and cultures. It is consumed in many different ways and for many different reasons ranging from health to pleasure.


What's are your tea related questions ?

How can I help you answer them ?

I have sourced, blended, packaged and supported tea in other ways for most of the large US and several global brands and many regional brands of tea for both dry & liquid blend preparations and styles then packaged many different ways.

Tea Math - Tea Science

Tea Types - Tea Sources - Tea Grading

Tea Sorting - Tea Blending - Tea Packaging

Tea Quality Control

FDA and Agriculture Department Support

HACCP now HARPC, GFSI, BRC, SQF, GMP and related.


Tea Sales Presentation Training

Tea Marketing Support 

Tea Sales Training

Tea Distribution Options & Education

Tea Conversation Coaching

For any question on any subject listed.

I will explain to you or find the answer for you quickly.

Let's cup up together . . . 

Best Brews


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These are my pics, taken in tea fields, factories & and labs globally during my visits.

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