You Managing You


This book is not about the psychology of you. It does not delve deep into your inner headspace. It does not consider what your parents, siblings, or friends may have done to screw you up or hold you back. You should be responsible for you. Are you? This document flow is focused on specific action steps needed to transform your time into completed goals. This is not a 30,000-foot-high airplane view with a 300 miles-per-hour review of how to be a better you or other theoretical BS (belief system) about you. I’m not here to explain the “why” – I’m here to work with the “who” and the “who” is You.

To You: I do believe you can outsmart you. I think I’m making progress on outsmarting me. It took a while, it seems I was deeply rooted in doing the wrong things and a few of the right things but at the wrong time. I’m happy now to be a person that does get things done. I hope to continue to extend that reputation for accomplishing my goals and at the same time be paid well for my accomplishments.

I messed up and screwed up more opportunity than one person should be allowed to have a chance at. I leveled out after realizing I was the problem and nothing, or no one else other than me, could fix me. I started applying what I was reading and what I was hearing about on how to be a better me and get things done. The more I applied what the “experts” in blogs, webinars, and seminars were preaching, the more I saw results. It worked for me. I am currently sane, stable, secure, and enjoying each day.

The books and seminar experts were right. Each year my income grew as I began to recognize the patterns of the few dozen self-help books I’d explored deeply in this decade-long reading journey. It was like buying a car – I had rarely noticed one like that before buying that model/ color, and then I began to see them all of the time. The “successful” people all around me were all doing about the same basic day-to-day things and they were progressing nicely compared to me. They were doing exactly what all of the experts were saying. Their seemingly boring patterns had much greater value than I recognized.
The combined knowledge shared within this document is practiced globally by millions who live comfortably. The information has value and has helped those who followed it to accomplish big and small personal goals and gain significant income. It has helped a lot of people over the decades because it just works.