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Hello & Welcome
I'm Robbin
The Tea Coach

It has always fascinated me that a single leaf crosses so many cultures and affects those who consume tea in so many different ways.

Wishing You
Best Brews


Blending & Cupping Techniques

Camellia Sinensis

Cut Leaf - Full Leaf - Whole Leaf

Multi Source-Multi Region



Sourcing & Selection Techniques

Herbal - Tisanes

Functionally Balanced

Impactful Taste

Clean & Pure

Hot & Iced


Liquid Techniques

Liquid Ready To Drink


Liquid Concentrates

Hot Fill - Cold Fill

Tunnel - ReTort - Aseptic

Low Acid - High Acid

Clean & Pure

Extracts With Functions

Dry Blends

Granular - Powder

Custom Milled CWS

Single-Multi Serve

Packaging Support

Pure & Natural


I have been a large part of or totally responsible for establishing a new tea product under many national and regional  brands at least once per month for 40 + years in the tea business. All types of teas were first concept-driven on the blending bench based on request. Then teas and related materials and packaging are sourced, quality and compliance are confirmed, and blend-specific attributes and functions are scaled up into production. Sales and commercialization are technically supported, blended, and packaged in all types of factories under all types of conditions globally. 

I have a solid record of accomplishments backed up by a solid reputation of getting things done. I'm also proud to be a 2023 Certified (ICF) professional coach and ESL certified to teach business English and the tea business as a second language. 

Wishing you the Best Brews

Robbin - The Tea Coach

Specialty Tea Institute

Recommended Certified Speaker

Level 3 Professional Series Graduate

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