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Hello, I'm Robbin

Thank you for checking in with me.

I'm all about helping you progress in your professional life.
You can learn business English and refine your business communication techniques for the Americas, by working with me.

I can help you do business with confidence in the Americas.


My Business English Story

I began my career in the food and beverage industry on a plant floor in the 1980s, making ingredients for cereal. Then I moved into processing flavors for beverages and eventually into the beverage lab to develop new products. I learned to sell what I had developed. Through the years I progressed through junior and then some senior roles, becoming vice president, and board member appointed in the early 2000s. I worked within the Americas and directly with dozens of European, and Asian-based businesses and countries.

Most of the raw materials I needed were from international sources. At times I found frustration from great supply sources due to their inability to effectively communicate. Almost all of the time the supply source would accept a little coaching with gratitude to navigate the project we were working on together. It helped me keep things moving and it helped them well beyond my project into their larger business mission of best communications possible in the various markets they served. I really enjoyed working with international food and beverage suppliers to help with the best ways to express and paths on how to navigate the US marketplace using good business English.​

​​​In 2022-2023 I decided to take on more of a teaching role. I updated my skills toward best-in-class teaching and coaching and teaching business English. I enjoy working with others to teach them how to express themselves and advance their communication skills.

Passion is a big part of making others believe in you and what you are representing. I can help you express that passion using good business English about your product or services.

I can support the goal of the best possible business English communications.

Coaching - Teaching

Business Communications

Using Business English

Certified Professional Coach Master's Level 2023

Bridge Education Certifications

American Premium Tea​ Institute Certification​

US Tea Association Certifications​

American University Business Degree​

30+ Years Jr and Senior Level Business Experience

30 + Continuing Education Certifications

Former & Long Time Member 

Institute of Food Technologist (IFT)

Research Chef's Institute

US Tea Association

Former GM, VP and Board Member Beverage House Inc.

Former Minister of Infusions at The Republic of Tea

Robbin G. McCool MCPC

Active Coaching Federation Member 2023-2024

I have a reputation of getting things done. Let's connect and let me help you achieve your goal. 

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